China Jewelry (002)
China Jewelry (002)

China Jewelry (002)

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Vintage china is used to create one of a kind pieces.  The china is broken or cut by hand, and the edges smoothed.  All pieces are hand soldered and polished.  No two pieces are the same.

Dimensions are height of piece, width is across the largest area of the piece.  Add 1/2 inch for bale at top of piece.

Vintage china, Green geometric design.


WIDTH = .5”

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  • Provide your bridesmaids, members of the bridal party with a unique gift using a piece of your bridal china, or select pieces that coordinate with your wedding colors.  Cannot find what you want contact us at and we can help you.


  • SERVERS - Mismatched pieces and sizes, no complete place settings, we can create unique serving dishes from your heirloom pieces.  See our Serving Ware collection.
  • JEWELRY - A perfect gift for all the female relatives in your family when there are only a couple of pieces of the inherited china or it is chipped, make a keepsake for everyone, provide a plate or two (depending upon quantity required) and we can make jewelry for you.
  • HAPPY BIRDS - Love the outdoors we can take your china and make bird feeders and bird houses for you with your inherited collection, see our Happy Bird Collection.